Summer break is over, so here we come straight with one of the most important piece of information and that is the date of the next Liptov Ride!

Contestants will stand on the starting line on 6th of April 2019, so all volunteers, fans, spectators, afterpartymen, do not plan anything else on first weekend in April, you’re going to spend it in Liptov region! :)

Registration will be open in 2019, so you have plenty of time to gather your all-star team.



Liptov Ride

We are hoping you haven´t forgotten the registration for Liptov Ride 2018 while relaxing and eating cakes during the holiday!
Registration will be open on 1.1.2018 at 6 PM and the number of teams will be limited to 60. Do not hesitate and sing your team even though you don´t have all members yet but you know you don´t want to miss this event! You can complete the list of your members by 15.2.2018.
Individual category has no limitation.
We are looking forward to your registrations!

>>> Liptov Ride 2018 FB event



Liptov Ride

Find your team and start year 2018 with the registration for the third year of Liptov Ride. The number of teams will be limited, do not hesitate and start to look for your team members already! You can always register yourself as an individual, too, and accomplish the whole race on your own!
Predispositions, instructions and registration form will be available on our website -- REGISTRATION
>>> Liptov Ride 2018 FB event



Liptov Ride

After the summer relay: festivals-climbing-swimming-hiking-camping we are back with the most important note for you – the date of Liptov Ride 2018!
Safe this date and make a note that on April 7th, 2018 you will be standing on the start, either as an individual or as a part of the team!
>>> Liptov Ride 2018 FB udalosť

We know the names of all teams!


7 days passed and 60 teams registered to the second Liptov Ride and reached it’s capacity for teams, all ready to create the once again unique atmosphere! We are looking forward to you!

Registration for singles is still open! >>>>> Registration for singles

 You have 100 days!


Registration for Liptov Ride 2017 is now officially open! Register already today and you’ll have 100 days to prepare until 8th of April 2017 for the second year of the race, which connects winter and summer in one day! If you want to follow the news also on Facebook, please here is the link to the event -- Liptov Ride 2017

 Can you do it all alone?


Normally Liptov Ride is a test for five racers, but you think you can do it on your own? In that case we have something especially for you -- official new category Single! There was only one contestant last year, who had finished, will there be more of them this year? Do not forget, registration opens on 29.12.2016!

Start looking for your team!


The registration for Liptov Ride 2017 will be open on 29.12.2016. Time to find your team is coming. Runners, skitourers, freeriders, bikers and kayaker unite! All necessary information will be on page

We are looking forward to you!

Win your discipline!


Compete for your team, but also for yourself! We will give prizes on Liptov Ride not only to the best teams, but also to the best runner, ski-tourer, freerider, biker and kayaker. One more reason to prepare yourself really well!

Kayakers don’t forget, that:


It is mandatory to have plastic kayak. All types are allowed except plastic slalom kayak. In case you don’t own this kind of kayak, please use the opportunity of our rental office.
Deadline of reservation via rental office is 1.4.2016

We also remind you to read info about track, rules and penalties

How to train for Liptov Ride!


This video is an inspiration for racers and viewers of Liptov Ride! It zooms the environment of the race and it motivates to drill and get ready and excited for April 16th!

Liptov Ride promo

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Team registration has been stopped!


We would like to thank you all for your trust to register to Liptov Ride race. Registration amount of teams has reached its capacity two months before the race. We strive to ensure the best service for races, therefore any further registrations are impossible. Good luck and strong will to all registered races!

Find your accommodation!


You are not from Liptov region and looking for accommodation? We’ll make it easier for you! On our webpage under Contact you can find a list of accommodations, even with a discount.

Message board added to the webpage and revealed list of registered teams


You are missing one team member and don’t know where to find him/her? Look for him/her in the message board under Registration. Have you already registered your team and you want to know who you will be competing with? Check it out in the list of teams, which are already preparing themselves for Liptov Ride, also under Registration

We are looking forward to you!

Age restriction cancelled!


We have fantastic news for the younger folks interested in Liptov Ride! You convinced us that you are well-prepared even if you don’t have 18 years. We are cancelling the age restriction and also under-aged folks could participate with the written consent of their parents. You can find more information under Registration.

We are looking forward to you!