Disciplines description


The race starts with mass start of runners. The route leads mainly through field and forest paths with mild continual elevation of 404 meters, the route is 13,5 km long and the runner’s goal is to finish the run in the shortest time possible.

Start: Whitewater slalom area

Finish: Lucky

Track length: 13,5 km

Elevation : 404 m

Race route: Whitewater slalom area – Plostin village – Bystrina – Demanovska valley (sidewalk along the main route) – Lucky

Required equipment: reflective element

GPX file of the track: RUNNING.gpx


The ski tourer’s goal is to bring the relay baton to the designated and reserved ski slope of the Jasna resort in the shortest time possible. Elevation: 1046 meters; distance: 5 km.

Start: Lucky

Finish: Chopok

Track length: 5 km

Elevation: 1046 m

Race route: Lucky (Track No. 14) – Turisticka (Track No. 5) – FIS ( Track No. 11) – Konsky grun – Pretekarska III. ( Track No. 1B)

Required equipment: standard ski touring equipment, helmet

GPX file of the track: SKITOURING.gpx

In case of severe weather and snow conditions the track is subject to change!


The freeriders will start their discipline near the final station of the Jasna-Chopok resort. They will choose one of the paths of Lukova dolina through which they will bring the relay baton back to Lucky. Half of the route will be outside of the ski slope terrain, the final part of the route leads down the ski slope Turisticka back to the starting station Lucky.

Start: Chopok

Finish: Lucky (bottom chairlift station)

Track length: 5,4 km

Elevation: 1052 m

Required equipment: helmet and avalanche gear (beacon, probe, shovel)

GPX file of track: FREERIDE.gpx

 In case of severe weather and snow conditions the track is subject to change! The track will change on slope.


The route begins with steep elevation from Lucky to logging road near Hotel Ostredok and continues with a descent to hotel Repiska. The route continues on the main road in Demanovska valley down to the crossroad to Hotel Bystrina. Country roads through Plostin and Ilanovo directing to Zavazna Poruba will lead racer back to whitewater slalom area.

Start: Lucky

Finish: Whitewater slalom area

Track length: 22,1 km 

Elevation: 1103 m

Route: Lucky – turning to Hotel Ostredok – descent to Hotel Repiska – main road Demanovska valley – turning to Hotel Bystrina – Plostin village – Ilanovo village – Zavazna Poruba village – Plostin village – whitewater slalom area

Required equipment: helmet and reflective element

GPX file of track: BIKE.gpx

Contestant can use only one bike (not e-bike) for the whole track. In case another bike is used, contestant is disqualified. 


The kayak-cross race route will start with sprinting toward calm water where racer warms up. Kayaker continues on white water paddling down the stream and ends with short sprint into finish line on the bank. The racer’s goal is to gain as few penalty seconds as possible and finish with the best time.

Start: Feed channel with the starting pool

Finish: On the right bank of lower section of kayak channel

Track length: 1,29 km

Route rules:

Route will consist of numbered gates colored as either green (downstream) or red (upstream), indicating the direction how they must be crossed. Order of the gates has to be followed. If the competitor’s boat, paddle or body touches a gate a time penalty for team will be 30 seconds.Missing gate, or order switching is penalized with 2 minutes. Besides the gates, there will be Liptov Ride logo on the route, and each racer has to touch the logo. For not touching the logo team will be penalized with 5 minutes.

In part of track – calm water  there are  located two buoys, around which every kayaker must turn around. Order of turning around the buoys is up to competitor. For not turning around the each buoy team gets penalization 20 minutes.  In case of capsize and getting out of the kayak, team is penalized for each remaining missed gate 2 minutes, possibly 5 minutes for not touching Liptov Ride logo.

Kayaker who makes whole track without capsizing and exiting kayak must cross finish line on the bank with kayak.

Kayaker who capsizes and exits from kayak on the the track must still cross finish line on the bank, however not required with kayak.

Required equipment:

  • Plastic kayak (for reference click here)
    • kayak is made of PE (polyethylen)
    • maximum length of the kayak is 280 cm
    • minimum weight of the kayak is 13 kg
  • paddle
  • helmet
  • life jacket
  • spraydeck

Recommended equipment:

  • wetsuit due to weather changes.