What is Liptov Ride?

Team relay race connecting winter and summer seasons. Ski touring, freeride, together with bike, running and kayak? Everything is possible! Build your team and together you can win the Liptov Ride!

Running. Earth.

Enough of city runs? Do you want to try cross country running? Take this chance!. Lace your shoes and head up from the city straight to the mountains. Discover the charm of local woods, waterfalls and coves spanning from Liptovsky Mikulas up to the bottom lift Lucky in Jasna ski resort. Be the first to start off this extraordinary race.

Ski touring. Snow.

You are standing on the starting line. Get ready, you are awaited at the very top of the Chopok mountain. The only thing that matters is your fitness and good mood.

Freeride. Snow.

Pick your line, ski the chute, make the turns or get it straight, drop the rock and enjoy the views, all up to you. Sounds easy and fun, but after your run, there is still quite a long way to the finish, with or without snow!

Bike. Earth.

Did your bike rest in the garage the whole winter? Nevermind! Dust it off, inflate the wheels and join the race. The most beautiful surrounding of Demanovska dolina is waiting for you!

Kayak. Water.

There is still snow on the mountains, but the channel is already flowing? Excellent, the best time to feel fresh splashing water in your face. Don‘t forget, you are the last link of the chain, the team will celebrate once you finish.