Terms and conditions

General conditions of Liptov Ride race (hereinafter referred to as “LR”) sets out the conditions for registration and participation therein and describe the rights and obligations of competitors, and also ensure the protection of personal data in accordance with Act 122/2013 Coll on personal data protection in the wording amended. LR is the organizer of the civic association Liptov Ride based on the address: Žiarska 601/1, Liptovský Mikuláš, 031 04 (hereinafter referred to as “Organizer”).

Date of LR

LR will take place in Slovak Republic, in the Liptov region, on April 7th 2018.

Participants of LR

Participant of LR can be any physical entity who signs registration form on website of Organizer: www.liptovride.sk and simultaneously pays registration of 100 euros when registration of category Team happens until March 31st 2018. When registration of category Single happens until March 31st 2018, the fee is 60 euros.

Participants younger than 18 years may only start with a written consent of their legal representative. Participants younger than 15 years may start either when accompanied by their legal representatives or with a written consent of their legal representative and in the presence of another person older than 18 years. They have to submit the written consent to Organizer no later than the day of presentation .

If a person younger than 18 years fails to submit the written consent to Organizer or the written consent shall include any false, inaccurate, incomplete or even misleading information, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude the person from the race.

Registration for LR

Registration for LR race proclaims that applicant accepts all the conditions and rules of the race and therefore undertakes to comply with them fully.

Registration process can be found on the website of the Organizer: www.liptovride.sk. Direct personal registration during the event at the presentation spot is not possible.

Organizer has the right to set an upper limit on the number of registered teams for capacity, safety or other reasons. Organizer reserves the right to change the date of completion of the registration or finish the registration anytime.

Any participant can be registered for more than one discipline within the race.

The validity and acceptance of the application for LR

The date of payment of the registration fee is the day of receipt of registration fee in the full amount on Organizer´s account.

Organizer reserves the right not to accept the application and thus enables start on the LR, even in case of timely payment of the registration fee if the participant have indicated in the application inaccurate, incomplete or even misleading information.

Payment of the registration fee

The registration fee is announced annually by Organizer.

In the case of the evidence of a lower amount than determined, the Organizer considers the application invalid, and reserves the right to exclude the further registration process.

Payment of registration fees is possible by cashless way directly to the bank account of the Organizer.

Bank: Fio banka

Account number: 2700934639/8330  

IBAN: SK8683300000002700934639


Refund of registration fee

Refundation of registration fee as well as unregistration the team from LR race is possible until 15.02.2018. After this date organizer reserves the right not to refund the registration fee. Registered team that will not appear for the presentation and/or will not pick up the start numbers and/or will not start the race is not entitled a refund of the registration fee or other payments.

The safety of participants and exclusion from the event

Organizational guidelines regarding the participation of the event shall Organizer notify to the participant of the event in an appropriate manner (e-mail, publishing on the website of Organizer) before the LR. Each participant is obliged to follow these guidelines throughout whole duration of the race.

Each participant of LR is also obliged to follow the instructions of any members of the organizing team and its officials throughout the whole duration of the race.

Organizer is entitled to exclude and disqualified team from the race, if any member fails to follow any racing conditions (eg. In case of evident failure to comply with prescribed tracks, using non-standard help or tools, such as animals, endangering themselves or other competitors, cheating, or in the case of acts contrary to good morals, etc.) or team that has not fulfilled any of the conditions of the race or during the race tend not to meet the rules or meet them even retroactively.

Exclusion of any member of team does not entitled the team to win nor to be refunded of the paid registration fee.

Members of LR Health Service are entitled to prohibit a participant to start or continue to participate in LR when it comes to protecting health of participants on the basis of objective medical reasons.


If Organizer is compelled by force majeure, war, terrorism or other threats before the beginning (start) of LR or already during the event to cancel the event, participant is not entitled to a refund of the entry fee due to the fact that the part of Organizers incurred costs for LR preparation at the time before the actual act of cancellation of the race happened. Organizer may, however, after considering all the circumstances and quantification of such costs refund to the participant certain amount of money.

Organizer reserves the right to change the route in case of bad weather or in case of security threats of participants.

Each participant of LR start at own risk and therefore accept full responsibility for himself for any accidents or injuries. Organizer is not responsible for any material damage, loss of property or damage to health related to the presence at the event, neither the travel nor the living expenses at the venue of the event. It is the responsibility of participants to ensure the appropriate health surveillance and provide information about their health in relation to the decision to participate in any discipline LR.

Each participant of LR is required to secure individual health insurance and is aware that the standard insurance does not cover extreme sports such as “Freeride” or “slalom”. If participants fail to secure adequate individual health insurance, they have to bear the actual costs of the rescue and the costs of prerescue care taken in anticipation of a possible rescue.

Organizer will not pay any costs or damages regarding the participation at the event or the prize.

Organizer is not entitled to cover the participant costs regarding the organization of the race.

Statement and consent to the processing of personal data

Organizer processes the personal data of participants in accordance with the Act. 122/2013 Z.z. on the protection of personal data.

Participant’s personal data provided to the organizers in the registration process are used by Organizer to identify participant for the medical and security services MMM, for the purpose of processing and publication of start and results list, time measurement and the registration fee.

Participant´s registration gives and provides Organizer permission to use his photograph, writing performance, film footage and other records relating to Organizer during the race and for the purpose of publication on the website of Organizer, for commercial as well as for information purposes in all communication media. The participant does not arise any financial, material or any other claim.

Participant´s registration gives Organizer consent to receive news regarding the race via email. On request via email will be receiving news unsubscribed.

Final and specific provisions

These conditions come into force on December 30th 2017. Organizer reserves the right to make any changes and amendments to these Terms and Conditions of participation in LR.